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Amazing Puzzle Race

Amazing Puzzle Race

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Find out if you and your team will be our next puzzle champion!

During the event, teams of 2-4 people, will each receive the same 500 piece puzzle. On the count of 3.  It’s a race. Whichever table finishes their puzzle first will be our puzzle champion team. It’s that simple!

Doors open @5pm Race begins at 6pm

Cost per group  is $42.50(+tax),
which includes:

    • The puzzle challenge itself
    • A chance to win some prizes
    • After puzzling the space is yours till 11Pm to enjoy our games library. 
    • option of keeping your finished puzzle or donating it to a local retirement or long term care home



We hope to see you there!

Pieces Boardgame Cafe  is a licensed restaurant, so food and drink options are available.
Due to the number of guests arriving for the race, we recommend coming 45min-1h early if you plan on enjoying dinner with us. 


Your reciept is your ticket, on our end we see the name you used to order, we ask for that name at the door to seat your group