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April Kids Club

April Kids Club

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great deal
What do you get:

Club time Every Friday 5-8pm (dinner while at club)
Stay to play all month for free
10% off all retail in cafe
1 game rental a month
+ more

Minimum 10 kids  need to be enrolled to make kids club run

if there is not a minimum of 10 kids club will not run and fu refunds will be issued.  

What will the kids be doing?

Kids will be able to learn and participate in Boardgame groups
We will be serving dinner
The kids will have time to enjoy activities such as
Do Game related crafts, learn magic tricks , play Boardgames, D&D, Pokémon etc..


- First day of kids club  parents will be required to fill out emergency contact info forms.  

- I have a few children at home, is there a sibling discount? Call or text me and I will offer you a discount code to use at check out. I don’t want any kid to miss out because of finances. Also I got 3 kids I get it

- how many kids will be at kids club?
We will only be accepting up to 20 kids. We have 3 staff at kids club. If we grow larger we will get more staff.

- What will the kids be eating? Kid friendly foods. We will try to incorporate something healthy but.. it’s kids club and it’s Friday. Does your child have food restrictions, reach out and chat with me about it. We always have vegan options and gluten free breads.

- my kid is 7 or 15 can they come, Please reach out to me and we will discuss on a individual basis and we can always do a 1 month trial and see if they are a for to the club.

- what if my kid can’t come every Friday? The membership is good for one month so just come when you can and enjoy the other perks of kids club

Do I leave? Yes parents can leave and go enjoy there kid free time. We choose Friday from 5-8 because it’s a great date time- Need before or after care. Please reach out we will try to help with a added cosT

During Kids Club each week the kids will Learn to play a New Board Game

Enjoy Dinner here at the cafe during kids club, included in the price of membership

Learn Something New from Magic Tricks to Mini Painting, we will be having guest speakers 

Get Free Stay to Play (anytime in the month)

 1 Free Game rental to enjoy at home

10% discount on all Retail during the month (This one is really for the Parents)

And… Local Business are Gearing up to offer special rewards only available to Kids Club members