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Race to Escape

Race to Escape

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Teams of up to 4 players will be given the same Escape room in an envelope, to start at the same time and race to the finish

Lucy Kingston has been on a conference tour of Europe but after speaking some uncomfortable truths to a journalist, she's found herself caught up in a story of lies and corruption. She's in way over her head.

She was supposed to deliver your message but has had to cut her trip short and go into hiding. She was scared the message would be intercepted and so has stashed it in our online vault and put 8 puzzles together from items she's picked up along the way.

Team Tickets for group $50.00 

may least 4 team tickets sold to run evening 

Game begins promptly at 6:30pm

🚨 There is a digital component.  Use of phone or tablet 

we will provide wifi 

cafe and bar open 

we will be offering themed drinks 

teams are welcome to stay after the event to enjoy our gaming library 

winning team will receive prizes