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A Surprise Game Night Box Easter Edition

A Surprise Game Night Box Easter Edition

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Packed full of delicious snacks to share - chocolate, popcorn, chips, drinks, cookies, candy etc..  every box is different. 

Selection is changed up who knows what great items I can pop in there 

Included in the box

1 New Game chosen by me and our staff specifically with your group in mind, with a retail value 0f $25-35.  
(To Keep)

We contact you by email to get some more information about the group playing. We choose a game we believe your group will love.   I also keep track of the games you purchases to make sure you never receive the same game.

All groups look different.  We Customize the box for how many are 9n your group and there ages. 

Also in the Box:
4 Stay to Play Pass to return to the Cafe to enjoy game night here. 
or  a Coupon Code for 15% of your next online purchase if not local and your box is being shipped out

and did I mention Snacks Snacks and more delicious snacks.  YUM

Game night in a box A great way to make memories or give as a great gift. Makes for a great stay at home night 

Open your box and enjoy :)

If you open the box and you already own the game please feel free to reach out and we will find a game you do not own 


What some families have said about their game box.

Okay, I'm not at Pieces Board Game Cafe , but I might as well be. FAMILY GAME NIGHT IN A BOX! What an amazing idea. Pieces has games for all age groups. Each family game box is different - Teresa and family


Tianna Daubney recommends Pieces Board Game Cafe: "My boyfriend and I just got our box and what can we say this is such an amazing fun date night idea for any couples and even if you have a big family too 😀 thank you so much .. we’ll be ordering again .. forgot to say great service too"