Cafe Menu




  Tea                                        1.75
  (Green, Earl Gray, Orange, Peppermint, Chai, Apple Cinnamon)
Mocha                                     3.75
Hot Chocolate                    3.25
(made with 2% milk) with marshmallows!
Espresso                                2.25 per shot
Americano (coffee)        2.75
Caffe Affogato                       4.50
(Espresso shot and Ice cream)
Latte                                     4.25
Flavour shot .50.
London Fog                         4.25
Apple Cinnamon Fog      4.25
(Apple cinnamon tea, caramel steamed milk)
Santa’s Smog                      4.25
(Peppermint Tea, Hot Chocolate)
Babesso                               2.25
(A Latte with no Espresso and add Sprinkles)
Pop                                       1.25
Water                                    1.00
Juice                                     2.25
Iced Latte                           4.50
Shirley Temple                 4.50
Ice Cream Float                4.50
Choose any available POP
Latte Float                       4.50
(Latte and Ice Cream) choose your flavor.
*** Can substitute Almond Milk***
Add a shot of Vanilla Bailey’s in any drink   $ 2.00
We offer Wild Card Brewing
Blue Sour Ranger               7.00
Cherry Pineapple Seltzer     5.25
Notoriously Juicy IPA        5:50
Rudimentary  Blond Lagered Ale   5.25
Arizona Hard Vodka Green Tea      5.00



All Paninis are made on Sourdough Bread.
Gluten free bread available upon request
Classic Grill Cheese 5.50
Bacon Grilled Cheese 6.50
 Apple Grill Cheese     6.50
BBQ Pulled Pork Panini 7.50
 Buffalo Chicken Panini      7.50
10” Peperoni/Cheese Pizza   12.50
 Jamaican Patty     2.50   
 Nacho’s & Salsa    6.00
 Doritos Nachos 13.50
(cheese sauce, sour cream, salsa, ground beef crumble)
Cheesy Nacho’s     9.00
Pogo (with Ketchup/Mustard)    2 .25
Popcorn  3.00
Popcorn Flavoring  .50
Ask Server what salads are available                 $12.50
 Sweets :
Nanaimo Bar               2.25
  Bacon Butter Tart                           4.50
 (Butter tart with scoop of Ice cream and      Bacon)
New York Cheesecake           6.50
Choice of Plain/ Chocolate Scor bits or Caramel or Chocolate sauce
Funnel Cake Fries             6.50
Candy Cup                             4.00
 Apples & Dip                          4.00                                                     (Caramel/Chocolate )
 Ice Cream Sandwich           4.50
 (your choice of ice cream in between 2 café cookies)

We also Serve Central Smith Ice Cream in Regular and Waffle Cones

Flavors available in Cafe