Hot and Cold Beverages

Hot Beverages

 Shot of Espresso $2.25 
Americano $2.75
Cafe Affogato (Ice cream and shot of espresso) $4.75
Hot Latte $4.55 Add a flavour for .50 
(ask for flavours)
Babesso (Kid Latte No Espresso) $2.25
Mocha $3.75


Tea Fog $4.55
(Tea with Flavoured Steamed milk)
Apple Cinnamon / London Fog / Peaches and Cream / Smores Chai
Tea $2.25
We offer a selection of Davids Tea
Cream of Earl Grey
Silk Dragon (Green Jasmine)
Forever Nuts
Smores Chai
Hot Chocolate $3.55
We offer 2% and Almond Milk


Iced latte $4.50 
(add flavour $.50) 
Mocktails $5.00
Pop Rock Fizz 
(grenadine sprite and pop rocks) 
Banana Rama 
(banana and coconut  syrup and orange juice)
Shirley Temple
Cherry Cream Soda
(cherry and Banana Syrup and Sprite)