Witch Hunt DND 1 shot  October 30@ 6pm

Witch Hunt DND 1 shot October 30@ 6pm

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As the moon grows full in the skies above ancient Malmarsh Manor, the old stones shake and crumble and lift from the ground, the building held aloft on a pair of massive avian legs. A chorus of cackles echoes across the night sky – the Bloody Coven is on the prowl! Comprised of representatives from every type of Faerunian hags, the Coven stalks the night. Their manor spells misfortune for all those it passes; its inhabitants laying curses and hexes on unsuspecting mortals, making deals with the less scrupulous, and even stealing children away in the night...


The Coven has been allowed to wander free for too long! You and your friends will take on the role of a group of witch hunters contracted to hunt down Malmarsh Manor and the hags that dwell within. However, many would-be hag hunters have tried, and failed, before you. The Manor is filled to the brim with tricksy traps, enticing treats, and monsters of all shapes and sizes – all before you can even glimpse the Coven themselves.


Will you brave the depths of the walking mansion and free the people of Faerun from this nightmare? Or will you become another set of bones to stew in the Coven’s cauldrons?


*This adventure is intended for a group of four-to-six players using pre-made 10th-level characters. Character synopses and sheets can be made available for interested parties. Pick your character ahead of time and come in costume as them!

Beginners and seasoned players welcome

Each payer will receive 2 pop tickets and a set of Dice

Cafe menu will be available while gaming 

Free use of the gaming library after The one shot 

6pm start time